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"My father had heart surgery and he needed nursing care. Sattvic Nursing provided two nurses who worked 12-hour shifts. Our family was very happy with them. The nurses were caring and compassionate. My father recovered quickly thanks to them."

- B. Kiran

Finance Sales Executive - IKF Finance

Father had an open-heart operation


"We felt the caregiver sent by Sattvic was like a part of our family. She became very close to my mother who was suffering from old age and dementia. I knew I could fully trust her with my mother when me and my husband went to work. The nursing supervisor was also very helpful as she was there for us when we needed any assistance. The overall service by Sattvic was excellent."

- Swathi Nayak


Used a caregiver for the last three years of her mother‘s life


"My father suffered a stroke which left him partially paralysed. After we brought him home we needed a caregiver who could stay with him for 24 hours. During the last two years Sattvic"s caregivers gave him exercise and any assistance he needed. He is now no longer paralysed. I would certainly recommend Sattvic"s services to other patients."

- Badri Krishnan

Senior Director at Cognizant

Father suffered from paralysis after a stroke