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The elderly and sick often need assistance in their daily activities so they can lead normal and fulfilling lives. Sattvic provides caregivers to those who require support in their daily lives but do not need medical treatment. Our caregivers are specifically trained to provide services with compassion, understanding, and diligence. Caregiver services include, but are not limited to.

Bathing and Personal Care

As a result of a loss of mobility, patients are unable to perform basic activities that are required for their well-being. Our caregivers can bathe, groom, and feed a patient and also provide the patient with his or her medication at the required time.

Nighttime Monitoring

Caregivers will monitor a patient through the night to ensure they are breathing properly and sleeping peacefully. Sattvic‘s caregivers will also regularly change the position of a bed-ridden patient to ensure no bedsore occurs.

Walking and Exercise

Maintaining physical strength is a crucial part of recovering from any ailment or injury and reducing the impact of aging. Our caregivers will accompany the patient when they walk and assist them if they have any difficulty. The caregiver will also help them exercise so their body remains fit.

Companionship and Moral Support

The most important component of any medical treatment is the proper care of the patient‘s mental wellbeing. A patient will need companionship and moral support to get through what can often be a difficult period in their lives. Our caregivers will take the time to converse, read to, and sit with a patient and provide the mental and spiritual support a patient needs to live a happy life.

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